Table 1.

Transcriptional activity of the identified PEC promotera

BloodBone MarrowCNSEyeFatty TissueGutKidneyLiverLungMuscle (Skeletal)MyocardiumPancreasReproductive OrgansSalivary GlandsSkinSpleenThymus
FrontHindStomachSmall IntestineLarge IntestineFemaleMale
HistologycNeg.Neg.NDNDNDNeg.Neg.Neg.NDParietal cells, thin part of loop of Henle, mosaic: collecting duct, epithelial cells of the pyramidNeg.NDNDNeg.Pancreatic ductUterine glandular cellsBasal layers of the seminiferous epitheliumSalivary ductsNeg.Follicular dendritic cells (?)Follicular dendritic cells (?)
  • a ND, not done; Neg., no expression of β-gal detected; (+), weak luminescence; ++, significant luminescence; +++, strong luminescense.

  • b The pattern of Cre recombination was evaluated in tissues of triple-transgenic pPEC-rtTA/LC1/R26R mice induced with doxycycline at the age of 6 wk using a sensitive chemiluminescent assay.

  • c β-Gal expression was confirmed by enzymatic stainings with X-Gal on cryosections.