Table 2.

Agreement between 24-h UAE (reference) and other albuminuria measures in the overall population and gender-specific subgroupsa

Overall (n = 241)
    Bland-Altman agreement mg/L (SD)−1.9 (11.0)10.1 (19.6)b−3.1 (8.0)4.8 (11.8)b
Men (n = 124)
    Bland-Altman agreement mg/L (SD)−3.6 (14.4)11.8 (24.1)b−3.6 (10.5)4.8 (14.2)b
Women (n = 117)
    Bland-Altman agreement mg/L (SD)−0.1 (4.5)8.4 (13.0)b−2.6 (3.9)4.7 (8.4)b
  • a FMV, first morning void; P30, proportion of measurements within 30% of the value of 24-h UAE, determined by the regression equation; SUS, spot urine sample.

  • b P ≤ 0.05 spot urine sample versus first morning void.