Table 3.

Associations of 1-mg/dl greater serum phosphate concentrations with prevalent calcification after adjustment for potential mediators

SiteAdjusted for Age, Race, Gender, and Kidney FunctionAdd Serum PTH LevelsAdd Serum 1,25-(OH)2D Levels
PR95% CIPaPR95% CIPaPR95% CIPa
Coronary artery1.221.08 to 1.370.0011.191.05 to 1.350.0051.191.05 to 1.350.005
Descending aorta1.331.13 to 1.580.0011.321.11 to 1.570.0021.331.12 to 1.580.001
Aortic valve1.250.93 to 1.700.1401.270.93 to 1.730.1301.240.90 to 1.700.190
Mitral valve1.611.14 to 2.310.0081.671.17 to 2.380.0051.691.18 to 2.410.004
  • a P values not adjusted for multiple comparisons.