Table 3.

HRs for mortality in the serum phosphate and propensity score–matched subcohort comparing patients who were treated with phosphorus binders (n = 3186) with those who were untreated (n = 3186)

ParameterHR95% CIP
Entire subcohorta
    no adjustment0.750.66 to 0.87<0.0001
    age-adjusted0.780.68 to 0.890.0003
    time varying serum phosphatec0.780.68 to 0.900.0004
Phosphate quartiles (mg/dl)
    <3.70.900.71 to 1.150.40
    3.7 to 4.50.720.54 to 0.970.03
    4.6 to 5.50.700.52 to 0.940.02
    ≥5.60.630.47 to 0.840.002
  • a The treated group included patients who began treatment during the first 90 d on hemodialysis, whereas the untreated group included those who were not treated during the first 90 d.

  • c Adjusted for age and follow-up serum phosphate levels.