Table 2.

Classification of AKI as proposed by the RIFLE criteria after severe (90% reduction in CrCl) and moderate (50% reduction in CrCl) AKI, according to baseline level of kidney functiona

ParameterHours after AKI
90% reduction in CrCl
    no CKDInjuryFailureFailureFailureFailure
    stage 2 CKDRiskInjuryFailureFailureFailure
    stage 3 CKDNoneFailureFailureFailureFailure
    stage 4 CKDFailureFailureFailureFailureFailure
50% reduction in CrCl
    no CKDRiskRiskRiskRiskInjury
    stage 2 CKDNoneRiskRiskRiskRisk
    stage 3 CKDNoneNoneRiskRiskRisk
    stage 4 CKDFailureFailureFailureFailureFailure
  • a Results were obtained using a two-compartment model of creatinine kinetics. Risk: ≥50% increase in SCr over baseline; Injury: ≥100% increase; Failure: ≥200% increase or ≥0.5-mg/dl increase to at least 4.0 mg/dl.