Table 4.

Comparison of GFR prediction equations using published coefficients and coefficients derived from training data set of 349 children of the CKiD studya

ModelData SourceNAgebAgentGFRbEquation for eGFR
Scr-based formulas
    Counahan et al.2Original1080.2 to 14 (n = 103)51Cr-EDTA4 to 20043.00[height/Scr]
CKiD3491.2 to 17.1Iohexol16 to 9341.30[height/Scr]
    Leger et al.35Original970.8 to 2151Cr-EDTA97 (31 to 200)0.641[weight/Scr] + 16.063[height2/Scr]
CKiD3491.2 to 17.1Iohexol44 (16 to 93)0.542[weight/Scr] + 9.948[height2/Scr]
Cystatin C–based formulas
    Filler et al.36Original53611.2 ± 4.599mTc-DTPA103 ± 4191.62[1/CysC]1.123
CKiD34910.6 ± 4.2Iohexol44 ± 1566.22[1/CysC]0.777
    Grubb et al.27Original536<18 (n = 85)Iohexol113, 99, 63c84.69[1/CysC]1.680[1.3841(age < 14)]
CKiD349<18Iohexol41, 42, NAc68.06[1/CysC]0.781[0.9661(age < 14)]
Scr- and cystatin C–based formulas
    Bouvet et al.20Original1001.4 to 22.851Cr-EDTA95 (18 to 200)63.2[1.2/CysC]0.56[(96/88.4)/(Scr)]0.35[weight/45]0.30[age/14]0.40
CKiD3491.2 to 17.1Iohexol44 (16 to 93)46.1[1.2/CysC]0.33[(96/88.4)/(Scr)]0.55[weight/45]0.77[age/14]0.17
    Zappitelli et al.21Original10312.7 ± 4.7Iothalamate74 ± 3643.82[1/CysC]0.635[1/Scr]0.547[1.35height]
CKiD34910.6 ± 4.2Iohexol44 ± 1525.38[1/CysC]0.331[1/Scr]0.602[1.88height]
  • a GFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2; eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2, except Leger's and Bouvet's in ml/min; height, m; Scr, mg/dl; CysC, cystatin C, mg/L; weight, kg.

  • b Descriptive statistics (e.g., range, mean ± SD) for CKiD sample are those reported in the original publications.

  • c Medians for age <14, 14 to <18, ≥18 yr.