Table 1.

Classification of various stages of CKDa

CKD StageeGFRPrevalence (%)Affected PatientsDefinition
1≥90 ml/min3.3Approximately 5,900,000Renal injury (e.g., proteinuria) without reduced eGFR
289 to 60 ml/min3.0Approximately 5,300,000Mildly decreased eGFR
359 to 30 ml/min4.3Approximately 7,600,000Moderately decreased eGFR
429 to 15 ml/min0.2Approximately 400,000Severely decreased eGFR
5 (almost identical to ESRD, see Appendix)<15 ml/min0.3Approximately 500,000Kidney failure, mostly indication for renal replacement therapy
  • a The estimation of affected patients refers to the US population. Adapted from references.1,8