Table 4.

Adverse events by treatment group

Adverse EventsPrednisone Group 1 (n = 15)IVCY Group 2 (n = 15)CsA Group 3 (n = 12)Extended Cyclophosphamide (n = 10)
    herpes zoster2
Amenorrhea1 of 4c1 of 4c
Increased BP with or without increased creatinine (required decrease in CSA dosage)9
Gingival hyperplasia/increased facial hair8
Osteoporosis/avascular necrosis of the hip432
Basal cell skin cancer1
  • a Other infections were sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis media, dental abscess, upper respiratory tract infection, sty, pelvic inflammatory disease, cholecystitis, and herpes simplex virus skin infection.

  • b Leukopenia below the target range for this protocol.

  • c One of four women in these treatment groups who were younger than 40 yr and had not previously undergone hysterectomy experienced amenorrhea.