Table 2.

Multivariate analysis of association between demographic variables, Banff lesions, PBT expression, and renal allograft function at biopsy

Biopsy GroupsVariables Included in the ModelSlopeP valueR2 (%)
All biopsies
IRIT_D3 expression−180.3<0.0128.3
Time posttransplant5.9<0.01
Interstitial fibrosis (ci-score)a−8.10.01
Biopsies with rejection versus biopsies without rejection
    With rejection (n = 32)IRIT_D5 expression−152.1<0.0134.6
Peritubular capillaritis (PTC-score)−11.40.02
    Without rejection (n = 93)IRIT_D3 expression−208.7<0.0124.0
Biopsies early versus biopsies late posttransplant
    Early (<12 mo) (n = 55)IRIT_D3 expression−109.30.04717.3
Arteriolar hyalinosis (ah-score)−5.70.024
    Late (≥12 mo) (n = 98)IRIT_D3 expression−230.5<0.00133.5
Tubular atrophy (ct-score)−6.70.040
  • a Could be replaced by tubular atrophy (ct-score) and slope. P value and R2 value remain unchanged.