Table 5.

Diagnostic effectiveness of different algorithms for detecting patients progressing to ESRDa

Referral CriteriaScreening Strategy
Diabetes/HypertensionDiabetes/Hypertension/Age >55 yrUK GuidelinesEverybody
DR (%)Pop. (%)NNTFDR (%)Pop. (%)NNTFDR (%)Pop. (%)NNTFDR (%)Pop. (%)NNTF
    stages 1 to 450.23.738.487.68.651.570.36.548.491.912.068.4
    stages 3 to 444.22.125.366.94.333.857.13.228.969.44.735.4
    stage 411.
    moderate or high risk39.20.911.463.51.411.452.61.211.665.61.411.4
    high risk only21.
  • a DR, detection rate (i.e., the proportion of all participants in the HUNT 2 study experiencing ESRD during the next 10.3 yr included for intensive follow-up); Pop., proportion of the total adult population included for intensive follow-up. eGFR-ACR moderate risk = GFR 15 to 29 and normal ACR, or eGFR 30 to 59 and microalbuminuria, or eGFR ≥60 and macroalbuminuria in Table 3; eGFR-ACR high risk = eGFR 15 to 29 and microalbuminuria, or eGFR 15 to 44 and macroalbuminuria in Table 3.