Table 6.

Clinical follow-up (32 patients)

Duration of follow-up (mo; mean [range])30.3 (1.0 to 114.0)
    none5 (15.6)
    RAS blockade alone9 (28.1)
    IM18 (56.3)
        mycophenolate mofetil5
        bortezomib (Velcade)1
    CR4 (12.5)
    PR8 (25.0)
    PRD12 (37.5)
    Persistent hematuria (with normal creatinine and no proteinuria)1 (3.1)
    ESRD7 (21.9)
    Death5 (15.6)
  • aCR: Remission of proteinuria to <500 mg/d with normal renal function; PR: Reduction in proteinuria by at least 50% and to <2 g/d with stable renal function (no more than a 20% increase in serum creatinine); PRD: Failure to meet criteria for either CR or PR but not reaching ESRD, including patients with unremitting proteinuria, or progressive chronic kidney disease.