Table 7.

Characteristics of patients with CR or PRa

CharacteristicSerum Creatinine at Biopsy (mg/dl)24-H Urine Protein at Biopsy(g/d)M-Protein in Serum% of Glomeruli with CrescentsDegree of Tubular Atrophy and Interstitial FibrosisTreatmentDuration of Follow-up (mo)
Patients with CR
    21.97.8No0MildRAS blockade alone67
    32.27.5No0ModeratePRED/CYT with CR then relapse treated with PRED/MMF with CR30
    40.83.8No3NoneRAS blockade alone114
Patients with PR
    11.73.5No0MildRAS blockade alone44
    41.23.4No0MildRAS blockade alone4
    51.35.0No4MildRAS blockade/MMF14
    75.53.5IgG-λ0MildRAS blockade/PRED81
    81.69.0IgG-κ0MildRAS blockade/PRED/chlorambucil93
Patient with persistent microhematuria0.70.36No0NoneNone8
  • aCYT, cyclophosphamide; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; PRED, prednisone.