Table 1.

Demographics and clinical history

PatientAgeRace/GenderHeight (in)Weight (kg)BMIExerciseHormone UseSupplements/DietHypertension?Other PMHx
130W/M7113441BodybuildingAASs including M-1-T (testosterone prohormone), GH, and insulin for >10 yrCreatine, amino acid supplements, glutamate, >550 g/d protein dietHTN (duration unknown)Sleep apnea
231W/M6310240BodybuildingAASs including stanzolol and durabolin for 8 yrHigh-protein diet (300 to 400 g/d) and protein shakesHTN for 3 moNone
341W/M689331BodybuildingAASs and GH for 20 yrHigh-protein shakesHTN for 5 yrNone
428H/M6610036BodybuildingAASs and GH, “for years”Creatine for 5 yrNoNone
549W/M7211434BodybuildingAASs “for years”High-protein dietNoHIV for 21 yr, on HAART, undetectable viral load, diabetes
638H/M719630BodybuildingAASs including sustanon durabolin, primobolan, equipoise, and winstrol “for years”UnknownNoNone
738H/M7110733BodybuildingAASs and GH for 8 to 10 yrCreatine, amino acid supplements, 500 g/d protein dietHTN (duration unknown)Sleep apnea
833H/M698127BodybuildingAASs “for years”High-protein dietHTN (duration unknown)None
945W/M6813043PowerliftingAASs including testosterone ethanate and deca-durabolin for 15 yrAmino acid supplements, 300 g/d protein dietHTN for 18 moNone
1040W/M679533BodybuildingIntramuscular testosterone injections for “many years”High-protein diet with 5 protein shakes/dNoCocaine use, occasional UTIs
  • GH, growth hormone; H, Hispanic; HAART, highly active antiretroviral therapy; HTN, hypertension; PMHx, past medical history; UTI, urinary tract infection; W, white.