Table 4.

Clinical follow-up

PatientFollow-up (d)Serum Cr at Biopsy (mg/dl)Follow-up Serum Cr (mg/dl)Δ Serum Cr (mg/dl)Proteinuria at biopsy (g/d)Follow-up Proteinuria (g/d)Δ Proteinuria (g/d)Medical TreatmentLifestyle Changes
13202.71.3−1.426.30.15−26.2RAS blockadeStopped AASs, hormones, and supplements; decreased exercise; lost 80 lb
17282.72.4−0.3 (+1.1)a26.314.1−12.2 (+14.0)aUnable to tolerate changes because of poor body image; restarted AASs, supplements, and exercise
24271.51.4−−1.5RAS blockade, verapamilDecreased exercise, stopped AASs, decreased dietary protein, lost 20 lb
39485.72.4−3.316.06.0−10.0High-dosage prednisone, RAS blockadeStopped AASs, growth hormone, and supplements
63081.−1.0RAS blockadeStopped AASs; lost 16 lb initially but unable to tolerate weight loss because of poor body image
77802.22.0−−8.2RAS blockadeMild decrease in exercise and dietary protein, stopped AASs; initially lost 20 lb but regained weight because he perceived himself as “too skinny”
821271.41.3−−1.8RAS blockade, fish oilStopped AASs, lost 15 lb
9491.−4.8RAS blockade, amlodipineStopped AASs and supplements, decreased exercise, lost 20 lb
10267.89.1+1.311.13+ by dipstickNAMetoprololContinued exercise and protein supplements
  • NA, not available.

  • aRepresents interval change after resumption of AASs.

  • bRepresents proteinuria estimated by spot ratio of urine protein/urine creatinine.