Table 2.

Factors associated with the occurrence of cancer in KTRs

Univariate analysis
    dialysis duration (mo)1.010.2
    age at the graft (yr)1.70.09
    female (versus male)0.890.82
    tacrolimus (versus cyclosporin)0.790.62
    azathioprine (versus mycophenolate mofetil)3.20.02
    induction with ATG1.550.39
    HLA mismatches 2 to 4 versus 0 to 10.370.07
    CMV R+ (versus D+ R− and D−R−)0.470.13
    postgraft CMV infection0.680.45
    no pre- and postgraft CMV infection4.30.009
    delayed graft function0.680.42
    acute rejection1.250.74
    acute rejection treatment (ATG versus steroid)0.430.54
Multivariate analysis
    azathioprine (versus mycophenolate mofetil)3.760.01
    no pre- or postgraft CMV infection5.280.006