Table 4.

Adjusted all-cause mortality HRs associated with AKI for patients with renal recovery or without deterioration of kidney function

Baseline eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)With AKI (n [%])No AKI (n [%])Adjusted Mortality HRa95% CI
All25,564462,3941.471.43 to 1.51
≥909983 (39.1)176,409 (38.2)1.521.46 to 1.59
≥60, <909630 (37.7)217,931 (47.1)1.391.33 to 1.45
≥45, <603915 (15.3)50,694 (11.0)1.391.31 to 1.48
≥30, <452036 (8.0)17,360 (3.8)1.211.12 to 1.30
  • A patient is considered to have recuperated or not had deterioration of kidney function when there is no decrease from the baseline eGFR to the eGFR after discharge > 10% of the baseline eGFR. When postdischarge creatinine was missing, postdischarge eGFR was calculated using imputed creatinine by multiple imputation; however, a baseline eGFR value was required to be included. A patient may have been included in the “no AKI” group because the ratio of the highest to lowest creatinine within the baseline period was <1.5 but still not included in this analysis when eGFR decrease was >10% when baseline and postdischarge eGFR values were compared.

  • aAdjusted for demographics, comorbidities and medication use, and hospitalization details. The reference is the “no AKI” group.