Table 3.

Characteristics of patients with P-aHUS and patients with aHUS not related to pregnancy

Patients with P-aHUS (n = 21)Patients with aHUS Not Related to Pregnancy (n = 35)P
Age at aHUS onset (years)26 ± 533 ± 12P < 0.05
Number of pregnancies2 ± 0.82.3 ± 1.5NS
Number of patients reaching ESRD <6 months after the first aHUS episode11 (52%)20 (57%)NS
Number of patients with aHUS relapses3 (14%)4 (11%)NS
Number of patients reaching ESRD at last follow-up16 (76%)26 (74%)NS
Number of patients with complement abnormality18 (86%)26 (74%)NS
    CFH10 (48%)14 (40%)NS
    CFI3 (14%)6 (17%)NS
    MCP1 (5%)3 (8.5%)NS
    C32 (9.5%)1 (3%)NS
    FB0 (0%)2 (5.5%)NS
More than one mutation2 (9.5%)1NS
  • NS, not statistically significant.