Table 3.

AUC for the ability of imaging modalities to discriminate fracture status stratified by duration of CKD

ParameterTertile 1Tertile 2Tertile 3
    total LS BMD (g/cm2)0.550.660.72
    TH BMD (g/cm2)0.500.650.75
    FN BMD (g/cm2)0.610.620.78
    1/3R BMD (g/cm2)0.550.550.68
    UDR BMD (g/cm2)0.550.670.84
HRpQCT, radius
    total area (mm2)0.600.670.55
    CtArea (mm2)0.520.610.74
    trabecular area (mm2)0.610.600.65
    Dtot (mg HA/cm3)0.500.680.86
    Dcort (mg HA/cm3)0.540.520.82
    Dtrab (mg HA/cm3)0.540.670.71
    BV/TV (%)0.540.670.71
    CtTh (μm)0.530.570.81
    TbN (1/mm)0.550.630.71
    trabecular thickness (μm)0.470.630.58
    TbSp (μm)0.560.660.72
    TbSpSD (1/μm)0.530.700.73
HRpQCT, tibia
    total area (mm2)0.590.610.67
    CtArea (mm2)0.430.750.78
    trabecular area (mm2)0.630.510.77
    Dtot (mg HA/cm3)0.590.860.77
    Dcort (mg HA/cm3)0.540.560.80
    Dtrab (mg HA/cm3)0.580.730.64
    BV/TV (%)0.580.730.64
    CtTh (μm)0.460.760.77
    TbN (1/mm)0.600.810.60
    trabecular thickness (μm)0.530.470.63
    TbSp (μm)0.600.810.60
    TbSpSD (1/μm)0.660.770.63
  • Tertile 1, ≤2.7 years; tertile 2, 2.7 to 6.9 years; tertile 3, ≥6.9 years.