Table 2.

Factors associated with high fructose intake in multivariate linear regression analysis

CovariateCoefficient95% CIP
Male gender−13.1−20.7 to −5.50.0009
Non-Hispanic black ethnicity19.111.1 to 27.1<0.0001
Dietary kilocalories0.020.01 to 0.030.07
Dietary carbohydrates0.100.04 to 0.16<0.0001
Dietary sodium−0.005−0.009 to −0.0010.0005
Dietary potassium−0.009−0.010 to −0.005<0.0001
Dietary alcohol−8.3−13.0 to −3.60.0006
Dietary vitamin C0.04000.0008 to 0.08000.03
  • Positive coefficients indicate a direct relationship between the variable and high fructose intake ≥74 g/d.