Table 1.

Sweet Pee mutants do not show signs of extravascular volume contraction under normal conditions

Wild TypeSEMnMT MutantSEMNP
Weight (g)28.70.3628.11.090.66
Kidney weight (mg)56314.8448114.17<0.005
Uosmol (mosmol/L)2013175415964460.02
HCT (%)46.90.5646.50.690.63
GFR (μL/min)522.832.2646021.190.11
Prox. Absorb.46.41.8443.93.250.68
  • No difference in weight, mean arterial blood pressure (MAP), and Hematocrit (HCT). However, urine osmolarity (Uosmol) was significantly lower. GFR as well as single-nephron GFR (SNGFR) were similar between the mutants and the wild type. No difference in the percentage of proximal absorption (Prox. Absorb.) was observed.