Table 3.

Correlation of percentage of fibrosis measurements between techniques

TechniqueSirius Red PolarizedSirius Red UnpolarizedCollagen IIITrichrome-PASVisual % Fibrous AreaVisual % Fibrotic Cortex
Sirius Red polarized0.30a0.330.010.240.26
Sirius Red unpolarized0.30a0.89b0.140.86b0.80b
Collagen III0.33a0.89b0.240.88b0.78b
Visual % fibrous area0.240.86b0.88b0.38a0.89b
Visual % fibrotic cortex0.260.80b0.78b0.36a0.89b
  • Coefficient of determination (R2) between methods with the results obtained from an average of measurements obtained by each method in 2 days for 15 samples.

  • a0.05 > P > 0.001.

  • bP ≤ 0.001.