Table 4.

Effective dose and organ radiation doses for abdominal/pelvic CT examinations estimated at our institution

Routine Abdomen-PelvisSuspected Aneurysm or DissectionRoutine Upper Abdomen
Effective dose (mSv)a14.817.26.2
Organs or tissuesOrgan Dose (mGy or mSv)b
    bone marrow (red)12.414.33.8
    esophagus (thymus)
    bone surface16.419.16.9
  • aEffective doses and organ doses are reported for a single scan.

  • bThe radiation dose, a measure of ionizing energy absorbed per unit of mass, is expressed in grays (Gy) or milligrays (mGy); 1 Gy = 1 joule per kilogram. The radiation dose is often expressed as an equivalent dose in Sieverts (Sv) or millisieverts (mSv). For x-ray radiation, which is the type used in CT scanners, 1 mSv = 1 mGy.