Table 3.

Competing-risk model of variables associated with the cumulative incidence of death prior to ESRD in patients with type 1 diabetes and macroalbuminuria from the FinnDiane cohort. For graphical interpretation, see Figure 3

Baseline ParameterSubhazard Ratio[95% CI]P > t
Age (years)1.051.02 to 1.070.001
Total cholesterol (mmol/L)1.751.17 to 2.610.007
Macrovascular disease (yes/no) × age1.011.00 to 1.030.03
eGFR (standardized)a2.121.25 to 3.580.005
eGFR (orthogonalized basis)a1.590.92 to 2.760.09
eGFR (orthogonalized basis)a0.560.36 to 0.880.01
  • aeGFR was parameterized as a 3rd-degree (cubic) regression spline with knots at 32.1 and 52.9. The parameterization of the spline is thus: a spline with m knots has m + 1 so-called basis functions (and similar degrees of freedom) and these basis functions are orthogonalized to have mean 0 and SD 1 and to be uncorrelated.28