Table 3.

Results of primary analysis comparing survival on PD and HD in the Elective Outpatient Start cohort

VariableParameter EstimateAdjusted Hazard RatioP
Hospitalized in the past year0.211.23<0.01
Diabetes mellitus1.846.28<0.01
Ischemic heart disease0.131.140.01
Congestive heart failure0.421.52<0.01
High-risk malignancy0.561.75<0.01
Hypertension, no complications−0.240.78<0.01
Cerebrovascular disease0.331.39<0.01
Chronic ulcer0.481.62<0.01
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease0.211.230.00
Lipid disorder−0.190830.00
Cardiac rhythm disturbance0.131.130.02
Chronic liver disease0.351.410.02
Age × diabetes mellitus−0.020.98<0.01
Diabetes mellitus × time (years)0.061.06<0.01
  • PD, peritoneal dialysis. Bold type identifies PD as the main exposure variable.