Table 4.

Concentrations of circulating TNF markers in 77 patients with T1D at baseline and early follow-up__

MarkersTime of ExaminationChange from Baseline versus Follow-UpaSpearman Correlations
Baseline (pg/ml)Early Follow-Up (pg/ml)bBaseline versus Follow-UpBaseline Free TNFα versus Change during Follow-Up
free TNFα 5.3±2.05.3±2.20.04±1.60.72cNA
total TNFα9.2±5.58.6±4.8−0.6±5.50.56c−0.07
  • Data expressed with a plus/minus sign are the mean ± SD. NA, not applicable.

  • a No change was statistically significant.

  • b Median (25th, 75th percentiles) = 2.5 (2, 3) years after the baseline examination.

  • c P<0.001.

  • d P<0.05.