Table 5.

Serum concentrations of soluble TNF receptors and flow cytometry analysis of surface expression of TNFα-pathway proteins on peripheral blood cells stratified by group-specific median serum concentration of TNFR2

CharacteristicGroup Stratification (TNFR2 Median)aP Valueb
Low (n=17)High (n=17)
Serum sTNFR2 (pg/ml)2442±2604079±1098By design
Serum sTNFR1 (pg/ml)1310±2762291±773<0.001
Leukocyte counts (×109/L)6.6±1.76.4±1.90.63
Surface expression of TNFα-pathway proteinsc
 TNFα protein on
  T lymphocytes, CD3+1.4±1.81.5±1.80.87
 TNFR1 protein on
  T lymphocytes, CD3+2.0±1.71.5±2.80.50
 TNFR2 protein on
  T lymphocytes, CD3+9±69±40.97
 ADAM17 protein on
  T lymphocytes, CD3+3.1±1.13.3±1.30.62
  • Data are the mean ± SD.

  • a Low and high denote strata below and above median TNFR2 in each group (2769 pg/ml), accordingly.

  • b P value for t test on log-transformed values.

  • c Data are mean fluorescence intensities, the differences between the intensities for the surface marker and the isotype control.