Table 3.

Incidence rate of ESRD in patients with T2D during 8–12 years of follow-up according to quartiles of the distributions of baseline plasma concentrations of markers of the TNF pathway

QuartileaNumber of PatientsIncidence Rateb
Q11023 (3)000
Q21027 (7)3 (3)1 (1)2 (2)
Q310312 (11)11 (11)5 (5)5(5)
Q410149 (38)68 (45)84 (53)78 (52)
P for trendc<10−11<10−12<10−12<10−12
  • a Quartile boundaries are as follows. Free TNFα (pg/ml): 3.0 for the 25th percentile, 4.3 for the 50th percentile, and 6.7 for the 75th percentile; total TNFα (pg/ml): 8.1 for the 25th percentile, 12.5 for the 50th percentile, and 17.2 for the 75th percentile; TNFR1 (pg/ml): 1049 for the 25th percentile, 1310 for the 50th percentile, and 1837 for the 75th percentile; TNFR2 (pg/ml): 2017 for the 25th percentile, 2527 for the 50th percentile, and 3363 for the 75th percentile.

  • b Per 1000 person-years. Number of events is indicated in parentheses.

  • c Bonferroni correction was applied.