Table 2.

Compartment-specific enrichment of CAI-specific antibodies cross-mapping of kidney and kidney compartment–specific genes in between cDNA microarraya

Kidney/CompartmentKidney-Specific TargetsCAI Specific (20 np versus 20 P) (P<0.05)P Value
Kidney2613 (ACY1, BIN1, CSNK2A1)0.10
Glomerulus2457 (FLT1, FLT4, MIG, PDGFRB, PRKCE, KLK6, BHMT2)0.11
Inner cortex2673 (ACY1, BHMT2, CLK4)0.03
Outer cortex4338 (ACY1, PRKCE, PRKCZ, KLK6, VDR, SNF1LK2, BHMT2, CLK4)0.13
Outer medulla4200.41
Inner medulla1100.79
Papillary tip2224 (PDGFRA, PRKCB1, RARB, AFAP1l2)
Pelvis6356 (IFNG, JAK3, CCL19, CCL21, WEE1, NDE1)0.001
  • ↵a The cross-mapping was performed using previously published data and methods (18,21,22).