Table 2.

Postoperative characteristics and outcomes in patients with and without AKI progression

AKI Progressed
No (n=335)Yes (n=45)P Value
Time of AKI
 serum creatininea1.6 (0.4)1.9 (0.6)0.08
 percent change in serum creatinine day of AKI39.5 (18.0)54.7 (34.7)0.01
 oliguriab on day of AKI13 (4%)4 (9%)0.25
Diuretic use
 day before the day of AKI85 (35%)6 (30%)0.63
 day of AKI135 (41%)15 (33%)0.35
 repeat cardiac surgery during hospitalization22 (6.6%)10 (22%)0.0018
 received RRT0 (0%)15(33%)<0.0001
 length of ICU stay, days3.8 (8.0)15.7 (28.8)<0.0001
 length of hospital stay, days9.5 (10.1)22.9 (32.2)<0.0001
 in-hospital mortality7 (2%)10 (22%)<0.0001
  • Mean (SD) or number (percent). AKI progression defined by worsening of AKIN stage from original diagnosis of AKI. RRT, renal replacement therapy.

  • a To convert serum creatinine values (to µmol/L), multiply by 88.4.

  • b Oliguria defined as a patient who had <500 ml in 24 hours.