Table 1.

Characteristics of daily home hemodialysis patients, matched thrice-weekly in-center hemodialysis patients, and all thrice-weekly in-center hemodialysis patients alive on January 1, 2007

CharacteristicsDHHDMatched In-CenterStandardized DifferenceaAll In-CenterbStandardized Differencec
Sample size (n)18739365262,249
Aged (yr)
 mean (SD)52.2 (14.8)53.2 (14.7)6.862.6 (15.2)69.1
Race (%)
Sex (%)
Primary ESRD cause (%)
 GN or cystic kidney disease30.328.44.312.644.1
 other or unknown23.120.75.914.422.6
ESRD duration (yr)d
 mean (SD)5.5 (6.3)5.1 (5.8)5.74.0 (4.5)26.2
BMI (kg/m2)d
 mean (SD)28.1 (7.0)27.9 (6.7)2.427.5 (7.0)8.1
Comorbid conditions (%)e
 atherosclerotic heart disease24.
 cerebrovascular disease8.
 congestive heart failure26.927.10.444.637.6
 peripheral vascular disease20.920.50.932.025.3
 other cardiovascular disease20.
Dual Medicare/Medicaid eligibility (%)d23.235.427.042.441.8
Cumulative EPO dose (1000s IU)f
 mean (SD)184.0 (237.4)180.6 (226.6)1.5198.9 (227.0)6.4
Cumulative hospital daysf
 mean (SD)2.3 (7.7)2.3 (7.7)0.04.0 (9.6)18.9
Transplant waitlist registrationd (%)
  • EPO, epoetin alfa.

  • a Difference between DHHD and matched in-center patients, in percentage of 1 SD.

  • b Alive on January 1, 2007, with Medicare as primary payer or recent ESRD.

  • c Difference between DHHD and in-center patients alive on January 1, 2007, in percentage of 1 SD. Differences <10% indicate similarity.

  • d On index date.

  • e During the 6 months preceding the index date or as indicated on the Medical Evidence Report.

  • f During the 3 months preceding the index date.