Table 1.

Body weight, food and water intake, and sodium and potassium excretion rates in wild-type and clock-knockout mice

VariableWild-Type Mice (n=11)clock(−/−) Mice (n=11)P Value
Body weight LD (g) 25.82±0.1926.14±0.26NS
Body weight DD (g) 25.90±0.4225.90±0.56NS
Food intake LD (g/g body weight) 0.174±0.0060.173±0.004NS
Food intake DD (g/g body weight) 0.189±0.0040.195±0.003NS
Water intake LD (ml/g body weight) 0.193±0.0090.209±0.009NS
Water intake DD (ml/g body weight) 0.197±0.0060.239±0.011<0.005
UV*Na/g body weight LD (μmol/g) 5.67±0.397.67±0.44<0.005
UV*Na/g body weight DD (μmol/g) 5.74±0.467.18±0.72NS
UV*K/g body weight LD (μmol/g) 24.75±1.5027.35±1.41NS
UV*K/g body weight DD (μmol/g) 23.22±1.4626.45±1.19NS
  • Values are the mean ± SEM. UV*Na, urinary sodium excretion rate; UV*K, urinary potassium excretion rate.