Table 3.

Number of patients with treatment-related adverse events that were serious and/or required treatment interruption in different series of patients with IMN and the nephrotic syndrome

Adverse EventRituximab (n=100)Prednisone + Chlorambucil(n=42)Prednisone + Cyclophosphamide (n=47)
Infections01 (2.4)10 (21.3)
 pneumonia01 (2.4)a3 (6.4)
 disseminated tuberculosis001 (2.1)
 other006 (12.8)
Other07 (16.7)0
 myelotoxicity02 (4.8)0
 gastric/liver toxicity04 (9.5)a0
 diabetes01 (2.4)0
Total08 (19.0)10 (21.3)
  • Data are presented as n (%).

  • a Treatment was stopped in four patients because of pneumonia (n=1), peptic ulcers (n=2), and gastric intolerance to chlorambucil (n=1).