Table 1.

Multiple regression analysis of suPAR in FSGS patients

ParameterCTPodoNetPodoNet + CT
suPAR at BaselinesuPAR in TreatmentsuPAR in TreatmentsuPAR in Treatment
β ± SEMPβ ± SEMPβ ± SEMPβ ± SEMP
Serum albumin at baseline (g/dl)−47±3570.90−637±4800.19
eGFR at baseline (ml/min per 1.73 m2)−17±4<0.0001−16±60.01
Up/c at baseline (g/g)−42±770.59−130±910.16
Black race−903±4200.035−617±4410.17−291±4750.54
Age at sampling (yr)−34±220.12−65±230.01−45±430.30−42±210.04
Male sex−320±3740.40−535±3700.15−737±4080.08−592±2780.04
MMF treatment−374±3660.31−725±4110.08−872±5630.13−689±3310.04
Serum albumin in treatment (g/dl)439±4410.32169±2260.46−53±1540.73
eGFR in treatment (ml/min per 1.73 m2)−8±80.29−7±20.004−7±20.001
Up/c (g/g) in treatment156±950.11
CT cohort2965±7530.0001
eGFR by cohort (ml/min per 1.73 m2)a−9±50.07
  • a Interaction between cohorts and eGFR in treatment.