Table 3.

Multiple regression analysis of absolute and relative change in suPAR from baseline to week 26 in FSGS CT

ParameterAbsolute ChangeaRelative Changeb
β ± SEMPβ ± SEMP
Age at sampling (yr)31±160.060.4±0.40.32
Male sex266±2740.346.1±6.80.37
Black race−181±3170.57−4.5±7.90.57
Up/c at baseline (g/g)20±560.720.2±1.40.87
Serum albumin at baseline (g/dl)289±2600.276.6±6.50.31
eGFR at baseline (ml/min per 1.73 m2)8±30.010.1±0.10.16
suPAR at baseline (pg/ml)0.4±0.10.00020.008±0.0020.001
MMF treatment713±2690.0120.8±6.70.003
  • a suPAR at baseline suPAR at week 26.

  • b 100×(suPAR at baseline suPAR at week 26)/suPAR at baseline.