Table 4.

Cost-effectiveness and ESRD lifetime incidence results of microalbuminuria screening, by risk factor

All African AmericansAll Non-African Americans
Costs ($)QALYICER versus Usual Care ($)ESRD Lifetime IncidenceaCosts ($)QALYICER versus Usual Care ($)ESRD Lifetime Incidencea
Diabetes diagnosed at age 50 yr
 Usual care180,30015.195184185,20016.640121
 Universal (1 yr)180,80015.22419,000181186,00016.65943,000119
Hypertension (SBP ≥145)
 Usual care153,80016.040110155,80017.39453
 Universal (1 yr)154,60016.07921,000106156,90017.42040,00050
Neither at age 50 yr
 Usual care144,10017.43845148,20018.62317
 Universal (1 yr)145,80017.48535,00041149,70018.638106,00015
  • a Lifetime incidence of initiating ESRD care per 1000 persons.