Table 1.

Renal function and metabolic profile in PCS-treated mice

VariableControl MicePCS MiceCKD Mice
Mice (n)885
Diuresis (ml/24 hr)0.89±0.14a0.95±0.2a2.4±0.4b
Water intake (ml/24 hr)3.2±0.7a2.6±0.5a8.4±0.6b
Proteinuria (mg/24 hr)1.07±0.21a1.12±0.25a7.1±2.8b
Urea (mM)6.1±0.2a5.9±0.3a34.1±3.2b
Creatinine (µM)9.6±1.1a10.3±1.2aND
Triacylglycerols (mg/dl)51±5a65±7a67±3b
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)98±14a152±17b170±9c
Fasting glucose (mg/dl)73±4a110±4b98±5b
MDA (µM)8.19±1.01a7.76±0.67aND
MCP-1 (pg/ml)21.6±3.1a19.2±2.5aND
TNF-α (pg/ml)18.0±2.4a16.7±2.9aND
  • Data are expressed as mean ± SEM. ND, not determined; MDA, malondialdehyde; MCP-1, monocyte chemotactic protein-1. Different letters indicate a significant difference at the P<0.05 level.