Table 3.

Distribution of patients according to three criteria for FRNS

3-Month Group (n=62)6-Month Group (n=64)
A (two relapses within 6 months after ending first treatment), n23 (11 SD)18 (11 SD)
B (four relapses within any period of 12 months), n5 (3 SD)14 (10 SD)
C (need for additional treatment for other reasons than A or B), n3 (1 SD)6 (3 SD)
Strict FRNS (A or B)28 (45%)32 (50%)
Clinical FRNS (A, B, or C)31 (50%)38 (59%)
  • Patients fulfilling criterion A or B were characterized as strict FRNS. Patients fulfilling criterion A, B, or C were characterized as clinical FRNS. Numbers of patients that also fulfilled criteria for steroid dependence are shown in parentheses. Detailed information on patients fulfilling only criterion C is presented in Supplemental Table 3. SD, steroid dependence.