Table 2.

Biometric data

VariableControl MicePCS MiceCKD Mice
Mice (n)888
Initial body weight (g)36±237±132±3
Final body weight (g)32±130±128±1
Body length (cm)10.2±0.210.1±0.19.7±0.2
Lee index (×103)313±5.0309±5.0313±5.5
Liver weight (mg)1255±491047±601226±92
Heart weight (mg)141±7151±5160±12
Kidney weight (mg)338±99a338±14a205±145b
Gastrocnemius weight (mg)161±5153±8144±5
Total WAT weight (mg)1711±135a 871±202b 402±98c
Total WAT (mg/10 g body weight)534±33a277±58b141±35c
  • Data are expressed as mean ± SEM. Lee index was calculated as the cubic square of body weight divided by naso-anal length. WAT, white adipose tissue. Different letters indicate a significant difference at the P<0.05 level.