Table 5.

Outcome data: Hospitalizations and intradialysis symptoms

Hemodialysis Group (n=450) (867.3 Patient-Years at Risk)OL-HDF Group (n=456) (863.1 Patient-Years at Risk)Rate Ratio (95% CI)Pa
No. of EventsNo. of Events/100 Patient-YearsNo. of EventsNo. of Events/100 Patient-Years
All-cause hospitalizations41247.531736.70.78 (0.67–0.90)0.001
 Vascular access9811.3566.5
 Heart failure283.2151.7
 Ischemic heart disease252.9161.9
 Respiratory disease263.0283.2
 Gastrointestinal bleeding101.240.5
 Other reasons15217.512614.6
Symptomatic hypotension episodesb8133937.75862679.20.72 (0.68–0.77)<0.001
Dysrythmiab44451.247755.31.08 (0.86–1.35)0.50
Thoracic painb32737.731836.80.98 (0.75–1.28)0.87
  • Data are the number of hospitalizations (hospital admissions per 100 patient-years) and number of complicated dialysis sessions (number of symptoms per 100 patient-years).

  • a Penalized quasi-likelihood under restricted maximum likelihood models.

  • b Pooled data (data were collected 1 month per each 3-month period).