Table 3.

Crude and adjusted Cox regression analyses for all-cause mortality and fatal and nonfatal cardiac events

Variables (Units of Increase)Crude Analysis HR (95% CI) and P ValueAdjusted Analysis HR (95% CI) and P Value
All-cause mortality (n=96)
  15–601.68 (1.02–2.76), P=0.041.31 (0.79–2.18), P=0.30
  >604.20 (2.45–7.23), P<0.0013.04 (1.73–5.35), P<0.001
 Age (1 yr)1.03 (1.01–1.05), P<0.001
 Current or past smoking (0=no; 1=yes)1.66 (1.09–2.54), P=0.02
 CV comorbidities (0=no; 1=yes)1.26 (0.77–2.06), P=0.35
 Cholesterol (1 mg/dl)1.00 (0.99–1.00), P=0.44
 NYHA class (0=I-II; 1=III-IV)1.48 (0.92–2.38), P=0.10
 Pulse pressure (1 mmHg)b1.01 (1.00–1.02), P=0.22
 Albumin (1 g/dl)0.74 (0.45–1.21), P=0.23
 Phosphate (1 mg/dl)0.89 (0.77–1.03), P=0.13
 CRP (1 mg/L)1.00 (0.99–1.00), P=0.85
Fatal and nonfatal cardiac events (n=90)
  15–601.88 (1.13–3.12), P=0.011.59 (0.95–2.65), P=0.08
  >603.75 (2.12–6.65), P<0.0013.20 (1.75–5.88), P<0.001
 Age (1 yr)1.02 (1.01–1.04), P=0.01
 Male sex1.15 (0.66–1.99), P=0.62
 Current or past smoking (0=no; 1=yes)1.73 (1.04–2.89), P=0.03
 Diabetes (0=no; 1=yes)0.95 (0.58–1.53), P=0.82
 Dialysis vintage (10 mo)1.00 (0.99–1.01), P=47.00
 CV comorbidities (0=no; 1=yes)1.92 (1.16–3.15), P=0.01
 Pulse pressure (1 mmHg)b1.00 (0.99–1.01), P=0.41
 NYHA class (0=I-II; 1=III-IV)0.88 (0.53–1.45), P=0.64
  • Multiple Cox regression model included all variables that were associated with study outcomes with P<0.10 at univariate analyses. The criteria for building these models are further detailed in Concise Methods. Data are expressed as HR, 95% CI, and P values.

  • a Reference group.

  • b The inclusion of diastolic or systolic BPs instead of pulse pressure as well as the inclusion of current smoking instead of current or past smoking into the Cox models did not materially affect the strength of the associations of each predictor and the occurrence of study outcomes (data not shown).