Table 4.

Mixed linear model analyses of factors predicting ESA sensitivity (Hb level achieved per 1000 IU/m2 weekly erythropoietin equivalent dose) excluding and including serum ferritin values

VariableModel 1 (Excluding Serum Ferritin, n=2798)Model 2 (Including Serum Ferritin, n=1880)
Parameter Estimate ± SEMP ValueParameter Estimate ± SEMP Value
Use of long-acting ESA0.03±0.180.860.06±0.210.76
Age at study entry (yr)0.02±±0.020.09
Study time (yr)0.01±0.060.830.08±0.070.24
Time on PD before study entry (yr)−0.16±0.050.001−0.16±0.060.01
Pubertal male0.20±0.190.310.12±0.230.62
Residual urine output (L/m2 per day)0.42±0.09<0.0010.46±0.12<0.001
PD fluid turnover (L/m2 per day)−0.01±0.020.62−0.02±0.030.49
Use of biocompatible PD fluid−0.09±0.150.56−0.18±0.200.36
Serum albumin (g/L)0.05±0.01<0.0010.06±0.01<0.001
Serum PTH (log; pg/ml)−0.15±0.04<0.001−0.18±0.05<0.001
Serum ferritin (log; ng/ml)−0.11±0.070.08
Time since last peritonitisa (mo)−0.002±0.010.76−0.001±0.0060.85
  • a For observations in patients without previous peritonitis episodes, the study entry date minus 1 year was arbitrarily entered.