Table 1.

Participant characteristics (n=315)

Men, n (%)167 (53)
Age (yr)39±15
Waist circumference (cm)86±11
Hip circumference (cm)99±9
Weight (kg)78±14
Height (cm)176±10
BMI (kg/m2)24.9±3.9
BSA (m2)1.94±0.20
Overweight, n (%)109 (35)
Obesity, n (%)31 (10)
Fasting plasma glucose (mmol/L)4.7±0.5
Systolic BP (mmHg)123±12
Diastolic BP (mmHg)75±8
MAP (mmHg)89±9
GFR/BSA (ml/min per 1.73 m2)109±15
ERPF/BSA (ml/min per 1.73 m2)415±92
GFR (ml/min)122±20
ERPF (ml/min)464±112
FF (%)27±5
Albuminuria (mg/d) (n=198)5 (3–8)
Urinary sodium excretion (mmol/d) (n=192)205±79
  • Overweight and obesity are defined as BMI 25–29.9 and ≥30 kg/m2, respectively. Unless otherwise noted, data are shown as mean ± SD or median (interquartile range).