Table 2.

Clinical and pathologic characteristics of IMN in subgroup by genotype of PLA2R1 and HLA-DQA1

Clinical Parameterrs4664308 (PLA2R1)rs2187668 (HLA-DQA1)
Patients (n)80327435259853
Sex (men/women)480/323128/14614/21<0.001147/112474/3790.74
Age (yr)50±1348±1349±130.1549±1350±130.75
Systolic BP (mmHg)129±18127±19127±200.15130±18128±180.25
Diastolic BP (mmHg)81±1180±1281±120.7682±1180±120.05
Proteinuria (g/24 h)4.50 (2.79–7.07)4.60 (3.11–6.76)4.56 (2.15–7.94)0.824.62 (3.06–7.06)4.57 (2.81–6.99)0.97
Serum albumin (g/L)26.32±6.8525.79±7.4825.93±8.570.5726.16±7.0626.19±7.070.67
Serum creatinine (μmol/L)72.00 (61.00–87.00)68.00 (57.50–82.00)69.10 (57.20–84.00)0.0472.00 (60.00–88.00)71.09 (60.00–85.00)0.59
Total triglyceride (mmol/L)2.93±2.842.66±1.962.90±2.250.372.82±2.382.88±2.250.90
Total cholesterol (mmol/L)7.79±2.638.14±3.138.57±±2.807.93±2.830.85
Estimated GFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)105.01±38.37108.93±38.05103.18±42.980.34104.59±37.59106.30±38.720.13
Pathology (%)a<0.0010.54
 I-MN338 (42.1)145 (52.9)28 (80)111 (42.8)400 (46.9)
 II-MN352 (43.8)99 (36.1)7 (20)111 (42.8)347 (40.7)
 III-MN113 (14.1)30 (10.9)0 (0)37 (14.2)106 (12.4)
  • Data are presented as mean ± SEM or median (interquartile range) unless otherwise indicated. GFR was estimated using the Modified Diet in Renal Disease equation for the Chinese population.19 Neither proteinuria nor serum creatinine conforms to normal distribution, so we performed a nonparametric test. Other parameters used one-way ANOVA or t tests for continuous variables or the chi-squared test for dichotomous variables.

  • a A multivariable analysis adjusted for age, sex, duration of disease, BP (systolic BP and diastolic BP), and treatment was used to evaluate the association of PLA2R and HLA-DQA1 risk alleles with the pathology stage.