Table 4.

Incidence rates and HRs for progression to ESRD among participants who developed CKD stages 3–4 during follow-up (n=179) by the number of APOL1 risk alleles

ModelNumber of APOL1 Risk Alleles
Events/number at risk9/6710/8010/32
Incidence rate (per 1000 person-yr)15.2212.6935.22
HRa (95% CI)P value
Model 1bReference2.22 (1.01 to 4.84)0.05
Model 2cReference2.43 (1.00 to 5.95)0.05
Extended Cox model allowing for interaction with timeBefore year 6Year 6 and later
HRa (95% CI)P valueHRa (95% CI)P value
 Model 1bReference0.87 (0.19 to 4.07)0.863.51 (1.37 to 9.03)0.009
 Model 2cReference1.12 (0.23 to 5.39)0.893.89 (1.30 to 11.62)0.02
  • a HR comparing two APOL1 risk alleles with zero or one APOL1 risk allele.

  • b Model 1 adjusted for age, sex, and study center.

  • c Model 2 adjusted for age, sex, study center, and percent European ancestry.