Table 2.

Incidence rates and HRs for incident CKD and incident ESRD by the number of APOL1 risk alleles

ModelNumber of APOL1 Risk Alleles
Incident CKD
 Events/number at risk72/127085/139333/404
 Incidence rate (per 1000 person-yr)7.948.6011.64
 Model 1a HR (95% CI)Reference1.49 (1.02 to 2.17); P=0.04
 Model 2b HR (95% CI)Reference1.51 (1.01 to 2.24); P=0.04
Incident ESRD
 Events/number at risk39/126850/139325/404
 Incidence rate (per 1000 person-yr)1.701.993.38
 Model 1a HR (95% CI)Reference1.88 (1.20 to 2.93); P=0.005
 Model 2b HR (95% CI)Reference1.92 (1.19 to 3.10); P=0.008
  • a Model 1 adjusted for age, sex, and study center.

  • b Model 2 adjusted for age, sex, study center, and percent European ancestry.