Table 2.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients’ index hospitalization for any fracture versus comparator group in 2009

CharacteristicAny FractureComparator Groupa
Patients (n)728345,125
 18–44 yr4.110.6
 45–64 yr26.337.9
 65–74 yr26.525.5
 >74 yr43.026.0
Men 43.054.8
White 72.660.3
Duration of dialysis
 0–1 yr32.362.9
 2–5 yr49.733.1
 >5 yr18.04.1
Diabetes as cause of ESRD 50.249.9
Autoimmune disorder5.44.9
Blood loss anemia6.04.9
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/asthma33.626.9
Gastrointestinal bleeding9.07.0
Heart diseases/heart procedure performed 88.482.5
Ischemic stroke25.119.9
Hypertensive disease98.397.5
Liver disease5.65.4
Acute myocardial infarction8.37.7
Other neurologic disorders20.213.3
Peptic ulcer disease4.63.6
Psychiatric disorder9.76.6
Pulmonary circulation disease10.57.5
Rheumatic heart disease5.94.5
Substance use disorder10.812.3
Blood transfusion27.314.0
Walking disability/history of falls55.616.7
Use of wheelchair18.412.6
Use of walker/cane7.23.9
Use of modified bathroom equipment3.72.1
  • Unless otherwise noted, values are percentages.

  • a Patients hospitalized for the first time for any cause (except for fracture).