Table 1.

Patient characteristics at start of study

CharacteristicGroup AGroup B
Patients (n)3030
Age (yr)10±3.39.5±4.0
Height (cm)138.0±17.0137.7±21.5
eGFR (Schwartz)114.7±24.5119.03±28.3
Previous medicationsa
Duration of disease before study entry (yr)5.61±4.17 (0.4–14.6); median 4.75.52±4.09 (0.5–15.9); median 4.1
Relapses before study entry (n)9.3±6.7110.0±5.59
Patients with steroid-dependent nephrotic syndrome (n)2323
  • a Some patients had received more than one previous course of immunosuppressive therapy before study (Supplemental Table 1).