Table 1.

Electrolyte profile of wild-type and slc26a6−/− mice urine

VariableSlc26a6+/+Slc26a6−/−P Value
Mean ± SEM Urine Samples (n)Mean ± SEM Urine Samples (n)
Citrate (mg/24 hr)0.45±0.07180.14±0.0318<0.05
Oxalate (mg/24 hr)0.06±0.01180.18±0.0318<0.05
Total volume (ml/24 hr)1.6±0.16181.6±0.1918NS
Creatinine (mg/24 hr)0.74±0.05180.65±0.0618NS
Ca2+ (mg/24 hr)0.12±0.02180.06±0.0118<0.05
Mg2+ (mg/24 hr)0.36±0.04180.46±0.0417NS
Cl-(mEq/24 hr)0.26±0.02170.22±0.0216NS
NH4+(mEq/24 hr)0.08±0.01180.09±0.0118NS
SO42− (mmol/24 hr)0.05±0.01180.05±0.0118NS
  • Urine samples were collected in 3 consecutive days from six mice from each group and analyzed for the listed electrolytes and metabolites. NS, not significant.