Table 2.

Characteristics of African-American and white living kidney donors in the United States by zip code quintile of median household income

CharacteristicMedian Household Income QuintilesP Value
African-American donors
 Donors (n)25901790174317411466
 Age (yr)36±1036±1136±1137±1037±11<0.001
 Age categories (yr)<0.001
 Female sex55555760560.01
 Donor type<0.001
  Other unrelated1111121214
 Recipient race<0.001
 Recipient income<0.001
  Q1 (<$30,962)6518141411
  Q2 ($30,962–$37,314)125513109
  Q3 ($37,315–$44,723)1011531312
  Q4 ($44,724–$56,580)89125213
  Q5 (>$56,580)5781155
White donors
 Donors (n)54138418988011,71313,142
 Age (yr)40±1141±1141±1142±1143±11<0.001
 Age categories (yr)<0.001
 Female sex58606059590.01
 Donor type<0.001
  Other unrelated2225252523
 Recipient race<0.001
 Recipient income<0.001
  Q1 (<$30,962)589653
  Q2 ($30,962–$37,314)13561397
  Q3 ($37,315–$44,723)1013531310
  Q4 ($44,724–$56,580)1013155516
  Q5 (>$56,580)99131864
  • Data are presented as mean ± SD or percentages, unless otherwise stated. Where not stated, missing values comprised <5% of all values.