Table 2.

Metabolic data for ApoE KO and CDA1/ApoE dKO mice with and without diabetes for 20 weeks

GenotypeApoE KOApoE/CDA1 dKO
Nondiabetic (n=25)Diabetic (n=26)Nondiabetic (n=14)Diabetic (n=9)
Plasma glucose (mmol/L)13.8±0.727.6±1.2a13.6±0.927.8±1.1a
Glycated Hb (%)4.1±0.115.4±0.7a4.2±0.114.5±0.9a
Nondiabetic (n=11)Diabetic (n=12)Nondiabetic (n=10)Diabetic (n=7)
Plasma cholesterol (mmol/L)8.9±0.919.7±1.3a10.4±0.822.3±2.5a
Body weight (g)30.6±0.624.5±0.7a32.8±0.8b22.3±0.6a
Kidney/body weight (%)0.63±0.020.96±0.03a0.60±0.020.82±0.03a,c
Nondiabetic (n=16)Diabetic (n=18)Nondiabetic (n=11)Diabetic (n=14)
Albuminuria (μg/d)95.4±11.7263.2±25.1d56.9±8.9b147.8±25.6a,c
Nondiabetic (n=16)Diabetic (n=18)Nondiabetic (n=11)Diabetic (n=6)
Urine volume (ml/d)1.0±0.122.1±2.2a0.6±0.1b21.7±1.0a
Nondiabetic (n=6)Diabetic (n=10)Nondiabetic (n=9)Diabetic (n=8)
Creatinine clearance (ml/min per m2)18.0±1.838.0±4d16.5±0.839.1±3.0a
  • Data are shown as mean ± SEM.

  • a P<0.001 versus nondiabetic.

  • b P<0.05 versus nondiabetic ApoE KO.

  • c P<0.05 versus diabetic ApoE KO.

  • d P<0.05 versus nondiabetic.